Enter Hoon School


Hoon is a functional, typed language. Using Hoon, we can write gates that can run directly on Arvo, the Urbit OS.

Hoon School Teaches Many Things

  • How to write and use gates
  • Some data types
  • Recursion
  • More

Including code modules

A key tactic in coding is to write code that performs a particular calculation based on inputs, then re-using that code as a building block.

Like in most languages, this modularization can be done in Urbit by storing code in libraries, then including them in other code. This post explains how I tested this.

How I did it:

Boot a fake planet.

I’d be daft to risk my home planet on sketchy code.

bash $ ./urbit zod

(a lot of line melody)


Make a first library.

:: A first library to test inclusion and use of libraries.
++  addthree :: a function to be called   
  |=  x=@ud  ^-  @ud :: Take an unsigned integer, and return one.
  (add 3 x)
-- :: remember to close the gates.

Save this as .../your-pier/home/lib/firstlib.hoon

Note that libraries go in the subdirectory lib.

So much fun! Again!

:: Another library to test inclusion and use of libraries.
++  multwo :: a function to be called   
  |=  x=@ud  ^-  @ud :: Take an unsigned integer, and return one.
  (mul 2 x)

Save this as .../your-pier/home/lib/secondlib.hoon

Make a gate that will use those two libraries.

:: Another generator to test inclusion and use of libraries.
|=  x=@ud  ^-  @ud

:: Include your libraries.
/+  firstlib  :: Include one library.
/+  secondlib :: Include a second library.
|=  x=@ud  ^-  @ud

:: To call an arm from a loaded library, the pattern is
:: (arm-name:library-name args)
(multwo:secondlib (addthree:firstlib x))

Save as .../your-pier/home/gen/twoincludes.hoon

Note that this goes in the subdirectory gen

Load code.

In dojo

~zod:dojo>  |commit %home :: load your new code from your pier into your ship.
: /~zod/home/1.869/lib/firstlib/hoon
: /~zod/home/1.869/lib/secondlib/hoon
: /~zod/home/1.869/gen/twoincludes/hoon

note the ‘1.869’ will likely be different. I think it is an event serial number.

Test it out.

~zod:dojo> +twoincludes 2


Use your new skills!

I plan to create some libraries, making use of lazytrig by ~lagrev-nocfep.

The first will be the sigmoid function.

I’ve enjoyed my time here!

You all have been so wonderful!

It’s never to soon to start learning Hoon!

See you on Mars!


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