I really like Common Lisp, but I am only a hobby coder. I will create a project to learn and practice techniques and patterns for creating projects in Common Lisp.

classStarter What Is

classStarter will be an auction system for a market of seats at classes at my hackerspace, Freeside Atlanta.

classStarter Where

classStarter, Like Kickstarter, but not for Kicks


I will study and use techniques learned online, particularly following the Atlanta Functional Programming Meetup resources, currently available on Youtube at the Atlanta Functional Programming channel.

Thoughts on design

What are the things?

Qvo Qvod?

Initially I’ll use techniques described in Practical Common Lisp, building and manipulating structures from lists.

I’ll soon shift to using an SQL database, then probably use an ORM.

Eitaro Fukamachi has made GREAT tools.


  • Person
    • Name
    • Role
    • email address
    • phone number
    • paypal address
  • Role
    • Instructor
    • Attendee
    • Administrator
  • Event (not a specific occurence)
    • Description
    • Materials
    • Equipment
    • Pre-requisites
    • Time constraints
  • Occurence
    • Event definition ID
    • Venue
    • Start
    • Stop
    • Attendee Max
    • Min fee
    • Min revenue
  • Bid (for seat(s) at an Occurence)
    • Occurence ID
    • Attendee ID
    • Seat Count
    • Bid per seat